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Trenker Bakery
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Your shop for alpine pasrty and bread in South Tyrol

The winning recipe for our bread:
it all starts with the flour

In an era dominated by machinery and the sale of finished products, you can still find a bakery with long-established roots: a business where tradition and craftsmanship are given pride of place, where the dough is carefully kneaded, shaped and baked, and where the mountain air is clean and the water is pure.

With the help of all our staff at Trenker, our family continues to do what we've done best ever since 1954: baking! We are based at a height of 1,240 metres in the beautiful Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, producing our traditional crispy bread and other delicious baked goods.

Dedicated, hard-working bakers
Trenker - with the heart

Dedicated, hard-working bakers

… We mix and weigh ingredients, knead and shape the dough, add salt or sugar, retouch it, pull and fold it, let it rest, bake it, and then at dawn, hold the delicious product in hands.

Our splendid bakery:

some facts and figures

1240 metres above sea level
Based in the very heart of the Dolomites, Trenker is dedicated to producing excellent bread
14 Branches
Come and visit us to taste our bread and enjoy a good cup of coffee!
70 employees
work for Trenker - from production to sale. Our staff receive regular training.
14470 km as the crow flies
Some of our bread has already travelled that far! The Trenker bakery has fans in Australia (and also in Canada).
Ear of wheat

Traditional &
modern methods!

We do not rely on fully automated systems to produce our bread! The processing is often done by hand, and the dough is shaped by people who love their work.

 About us
Tradition and craftsmanship
Tradition and craftsmanship

Come and visit us to sample our bread in person ...

Come and see us at one of our branches, smell the aroma of freshly baked rolls and discover our selection of delicious pastries.

In some branches, you can also sit and relax, enjoying a cup of coffee and a sweet "buchteln" bun, apple strudel, or whatever else takes your fancy.

 Breathing it all in
All the latest news about our freshly-baked products …
News & Interesting Information

DLG Quality Contest 2023

For years we participated successfully in the International DLG Quality Contest. This year too our products have been awarded four gold medals.