Long-life bakery products made in South Tyrol

For those who love to nibbling on crunchy bread-sticks

Our slow-rise products include our classic crispy bread (Schüttelbrot) and various regional specialities, but also a range of new products.

Mini Schüttelbrot Mini Schüttelbrot: mini crispy bread
Mini crispy bread - Südtiroler Schüttelbrot PGI

This crunchy bread in a smaller size is light, tasty, and easy to eat in one bite. This crispy snack comes right from the heart of the Dolomites and is ideal for munching on, for dunking, as a party snack, to accompany a glass of wine or beer, or to eat with various toppings: e.g. cheese, speck, salami or ham. 

Handmade crispy breadHandmade crispy bread
Shaken into shape by hand!

This hand-shaken crispy bread has its own unique character. Indeed, the bread owes its particular form to the very special method of shaking the dough on a circular cutting board. Then cumin and fennel are added before baking. It's the finest crispy bread in our selection. 

Crispy breadCrispy bread
An original South Tyrolean product!

Here at Trenker, we use expert movements of the wrists to shake our bread into shape. Our "Schüttelbrot" is delicious eaten with South Tyrolean speck, butter or cheese, and accompanied by either beer or wine. The classic version contains cumin and fennel. 

Don’t forget ...

Tyrolean pretzels

These Tyrolean pretzels are available in a savoury version; they are in the form of a plaited ring and are prepared exclusively by hand.

Tyrolean pretzels

Bread-sticks and snacks (savoury, sesame & rosemary)

Simple in shape, but not in taste. Our mini savoury snacks ("Laugen" in German) come in a handy-sized pack, easy to slip in your bag. All lovers of nibbles are sure to enjoy our savoury snacks, and our sesame or rosemary bread sticks! Naturally, all these products are made with high quality ingredients.


Organic bread with whole-grain spelt *

The perfect mix? Wholemeal wheat and spelt… and it's all organic! For added convenience, our organic bread with whole-grain spelt is sold ready sliced. And another plus point: it has a shelf-life of up to 60 days.

Organic bread with whole-grain spelt


Our vegan wholemeal bread is different from any other: yeast-free, but very rich in seeds. This tasty alternative comes ready sliced, and will keep for up to 60 days.


* Our organic products are produced in line with very strict criteria. We are a certified organic company.

certified organic company