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Typical products from South Tyrol

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Round with nice thick crust. Oblong: crisp outside, soft inside. Really traditional and crunchy. Spicy and with a little extra kick. A rich assortment using the choicest seeds and nuts. Sweet, creamy delights that are tempting just to look at, and much more besides …

Trenker high quality products come in many varieties, shapes and colours. But they all have this in common: irresistible flavour, natural ingredients and a very special aroma, which can bring back past experiences and evoke memories of childhood.

 Info: there follows a list of our different categories of product. We are just providing a few choice examples of products in every category; you can receive more information about the other items on request.

Our fresh bread

Natural, crusty, freshly baked ...

Fresh bread

Our sweet bakery products

A paradise of sweet temptation

Ear of wheat Trenker bakery
Sweet goods

Our precooked products

Ready in no time ...

Bake-at-home goods

Our long-life products

For those who love nibbling on crunchy breadsticks

Ear of wheat Trenker bakery
Long-life products