Our vision

It's our hallmark!

It is vital to ensure that traditional recipes and bread varieties are preserved and handed down. Baking is a skilled and ancient craft, and so our goods are not solely processed by automatic machines, but also hand-made by our team of dedicated bakers.


We make typical South Tyrolean bread and sweet baked goods, using ancient recipes with a modern twist, as well as creating our own new products. All these items are made fresh every day, using natural sourdough and local ingredients, and with a guarantee of a hundred percent quality. We want to be among the best in our industry.

The Trenker name and family mean …

 … Quality in all our work:

Excellent ingredients and products: using natural ingredients, we produce wholesome, high quality bread and bakery products that meet all the current standards for the food industry. The cereals and flour come from a regional mill and from nearby in Austria. Our fenugreek (known as "gypsy grass" in the local dialect) is bought directly from a farmer in Dobbiaco. All our ingredients are of certified and controlled origin. Our customers in surrounding areas are supplied with fresh products every day. Our long-life bread is also sold abroad.

 … Tradition and eco-friendly craftsmanship:

our strengths are variety, quality and service. Our bread and baked goods are produced in a landscape of great beauty. Our constant goal and challenge is to protect our environment and ensure a careful use of resources. In all our decision-making, we aim to behave in a way that benefits our employees, their families and the wider community.

 … Support for local associations:

the Trenker bakery and family have always worked to support and promote local associations active in the fields of sport, youth work, youth sport, and culture.