Typical pastry from South Tyrol

A heaven of temptation:
sweet moments of happiness

It's like being under a spell. But didn't you just buy some jam doughnuts? And the bag's already empty! Our range of products includes both freshly baked items and various baked products with a longer shelf life.

We also offer a wide range of seasonal cakes and pastries - send us a request, if you'd like more information.

 Info: We are just providing a few choice examples of products in every category; you can receive more information about the other items on request.


Apricot jam doughnuts  Apricot jam doughnuts
Available every day of the year

There's an old saying among bakers and pastry chefs: "A pastry a day keeps your worries away". Even if you don't have any particular worries, don't you think you could treat yourself to something at Carnival time?

* Features: a leavened doughnut, filled with tasty apricot jam and sprinkled with icing sugar: available not solely at Carnival time, but as part of our assortment throughout the year.
"Girella"  Girella
Ear of wheat
With poppy-seeds: a well-rounded bun!

Fluffy buns with a soft poppy-seed filling - our poppy-seed twirls are truly delicious! Perfect with afternoon coffee or as a treat for your colleagues at work.

* Features: our much-loved poppy girella is made with delicate puff pastry and a soft poppy-seed filling.
"Buchteln" sweet rolls  Buchteln
Real treasures!

Buchteln originally come from Bohemia, and are known by various names including "Ofennudeln" and "Rohrnudeln". But these tasty traditional Buchteln are exclusive to Trenker. 

* Features: these sweet buns are made from leavened dough, baked in a large baking dish and filled with apricot jam. A real treat for a sweet tooth: they are particularly delicious when served with hot vanilla custard ...
Apple strudel  Apple strudel - Trenker bakery
Ear of wheat
A genuine classic!

There's no need to describe apple strudel: this classic pastry has been famous for a very long time. In a restaurant high in the mountains, in a café, or even at your local bakery - why not treat yourself to an apple strudel! 

* Features: this typical South Tyrolean tart is made with delicious shortcrust pastry and filled with succulent apple pieces, pine nuts, cinnamon, and much more.


Pastries: with a longer shelf life

This group of products will usually keep for 30-40 days.

Buckwheat tart  Buckwheat tart
Another slice, please!

A popular classic - the buckwheat tart is one of those treats you will always welcome as a dessert. A real delight, and typical of South Tyrol!

* Features: lovingly prepared with buckwheat flour from South Tyrol, the tart has a delicious filling of cranberry jam!
"Trecce" with sultanas Trecce
Ear of wheat
These plaited buns are a real work of art!

The simplest things are often the best. Like these "trecce" with sultanas. Pure plaited beauty. We wonder if any hairdresser could achieve the same success!

* Features: the traditional leavened dough is carefully plaited by hand and filled with lots of sultanas. A delicious work of art.
Hazelnut strudel Hazelnut strudel
Hello everyone – here's your hazelnut treat!

Have you ever taken hazelnut strudel to work, and did they eat every last crumb? That's absolutely normal: they're tempting even to look at. And would you like to know what is even more delicious than a piece of freshly baked hazelnut strudel? That's right: another piece! 

* Features: the strudel is made from leavened dough and comes in the form of a roll stuffed with a soft hazelnut filling. 
Trenker's own panettone  Trenker's own panettone
Ear of wheat
The highlight of the Christmas season!

This traditional Christmas cake was invented by the Italian baker Antonio Cova, and indeed took its name from him: Pane di Tonio. Panettone. You learn something every day, don't you?

* Features: this typical Italian cake filled with sultanas and candied fruit heralds the start of the Christmas period. And that's true at the Trenker bakery too, where we obviously make our very own Panettone!

  Of course, we also bake other seasonal products for Christmas and Easter, such as the Nickolaus-lebkuchen (spicy biscuits in the shape of Santa Claus), or the Osterlamm (a lamb-shaped Easter cake).